You've Got a Brand,

We've Got a Plan

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
from Product Development to Online Sales


With the countless number of new competitors and old rivals challenging your business, it’s no longer just about how great your product or service is, it’s what people think of your business.


We believe that it is absurd that truly ingenious ideas in the form of products, services or even people are not given the right opportunity to share their solutions and talents with the people who need them—and we’re here to change that.


What makes us unique?

We implement a tactical approach towards everything that we do for your company. We research, plan, and strategize digital marketing assets and online ads at a small scale to test and prove—then scale.


We work in synergy with a set of complementary skills to strategically build a highly-profitable brand and indomitable online presence that will exponentially grow your business. And we guarantee to never give you a one-size-fits-all, band aid solution.


How do we guarantee our customized solutions?

To be frankly honest, we take too much pride in our combined abilities to learn and network with industry experts to rely on recycling the old ideas of our competitors. More importantly, from our experience we know that originality and authenticity truly does pay off much better results in the short-term and long-term.

We took a risk in coming together to form our digital marketing agency and therefore, deeply understand how important the success of your business is—not just for yourself but for those around you as well. From co-workers to family and friends that cheer for us and rely on us, business is personal.


Our Expertise:

Building Your Beauty Brand

Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

Be a part of the clean cosmetics revolution with natural, non-toxic, vegan, eco-friendly products

Luxury Skincare

Luxury Skincare

Advanced, powerful, proven beauty formulas in glamorous, gift-worthy packaging

Kbeauty Skincare

Kbeauty Skincare

Packaging that pops meets makeup-friendly made in Korea formulas at affordable prices

Healthy Hair Care

Healthy Hair Care

Sulfate-free shampoos, silicone-free conditioners, and styling products that all smell amazing

Hair Styling Tools

Hair Styling Tools

Salon-quality hair dryers, blow dry brushes, and styling tools NOT made in China

Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements

We only work with GMP certified and magnesium stearate-free nutraceutical manufacturers


Start Your Own Brand with Our Experienced Team

From Concept to Checkout, We Take a Holistic Approach to Your Success

1. Research & Concept

We dive into competitor research, industry & market trends to get data-driven answers on how your product can stand out & become high in-demand from its launch.

2. Sourcing

By tapping into our network of leading manufacturers, we give you the benefits of our long standing relationships for cost effective and reliable product development.

3. Logistics

Whether your product is made in the USA or Asia, our logistics team will get your products safely imported and ready for sale.

4. Packaging & Prototype

For a cohesive and luxurious brand, our graphic designers take a look at the bigger picture before creating anything from logo to label.

5. Online Store

We apply the same iconic visuals and themes from the product packaging to the aesthetic of your online shop. Moreover, we strategically create your website design and copy content to reflect your brand while triggering sales.

6. Google Ads

Our Google SEO experts

manage your monthly budget to gain new customers already looking for your product.

Menu of Services

mix & match based on your business needs

or start à la carte

Initial Consultation

Build a Foundation for Your Project with our Marketing Director


Let's chat over the phone or video call for 20 minutes to discuss the current state of your business and your personal goals. We'll share creative ideas and practical details to build a foundation.

packaging design

Attractive, Meaningful Design that Stands Out from the Crowd


Our Marketing Director keeps your brand vision in mind when leading our talented Graphic Designers in creating your logo, label, and every detail that customers will see on your packaging.

online shop

Building a Beautiful & Easy to Use Site with Trackable Data


From design to copy content, we take a strategic approach making sure that your website is developed for mobile, tablet, and desktop in a fast responsive way to ensure that your business is displayed as professional, 

high-quality, and trustworthy.

research & dev

Our Experts Strategically Develop & Market Your Product for Success


We dive into research to design a marketable, unique product that your audience needs. Next we search for the best manufacturer who can make the product to your standards at competitive prices, and gather samples for review. 

negotiation & logistics

Sit Back as the CEO as Our Experts Handle Business for You


Once you approve of the prototype, we negotiate for the lowest wholesale prices on your behalf to maximize profit margin. After, we'll arrange logistics to get your products from production to sale.

google ads

Get Your Business Visible to People Searching for Your Product


You have the opportunity to bid on keywords allowing your company to be displayed at the top of search results to attract new customers. We set up your online shop with Proper Call & Conversion Tracking so proper spending is allocated in the most effective areas.


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Natural Skincare

Be a part of the clean cosmetics revolution with natural, non-toxic, vegan, eco-friendly products